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Surf Shirts Protect Your Skin When You’re Surfing

Anyone from weekend surfers, to hard core surf rats understand that  rash guard surf shirts protect the skin while they improve your performance in water.

Surfing rash guards use a crystal clear edge over sun screen with regard to surfers. Sunscreen can make your skin slippery, as well as lead to problems staying on your surfboard. Surf rash guards are produced pertaining to convenience, and don’t trigger surfers virtually any difficulties progressing their particular surfboards. Plus, nearly all sunshine display screen will certainly rinse away within the water, about in which a surf rash guard will not.

Any surf shirt can protect the skin inside a number of approaches:

— These kind of tshirts can offer hasty defense while worn within diving suit exactly where this prevents chaffing relating to the skin and the appears from the neoprene diving suit. This is especially pron that occurs within the underarm/armpit area the place that the diving suit techniques back and forth throughout your epidermis because you exercise. Used during these situations this may also supply the reader with some added heat as well as muscle assistance from the shirt’s compression setting.

– While donned by itself instead of within a diving suit, our own surf shirt offers you SPF150/UPF50 Ultraviolet defense against your sun’s damaging along with damaging light. Moreover you’ll still receive the muscle mass compression pertaining to support, similar to a good Below Battle suits form of clothing.

— Whenever trunking that throughout warmer h2o any rash guard surf shirt will certainly guard your chest as well as abdomen location coming from unpleasant skin breakouts that can occur from the chest muscles rubbing from the rough, wax outdoor patio of your respective aboard. That is unique protection pertaining to physique and also party getting on along with normal board browsing on. As any web surfer can advise you, desperate, hard wax can really perform quantity in torso head of hair as well as the nipple location!

Folks who go surfing take advantage of the surf rash guard as it supplies the internet user together with defense against many unsafe elements. A browsing on rash defend won’t protect your internet user against skin color soreness coming from resting on their own surf board, but any rashguard furthermore safeguards via aggravating skin rashes that could be caused in the brine, and also prolonged contact with the particular waves.

— Vibrant colored swim shirt search t shirts forces you to simple to spot through the shore or in the crowed load up. Many of the helpful for contests in addition to tracking young kids within the lineup.

Summer Dress Sale

Surf is flat so I’m cruising the net…

Just got an email from our friends over at BeachTrading.com letting us know that they’ve put their sun dresses on sale this week only.

While I’m not a sun dress wearer myself I do think their little Hawaiian dresses are cute and certainly priced low at only $15.95 – and this week only you can get the white sun dress at an additional 5% off that price – crazy!!

What’s really cool is that they’re a one-size-fits-all sun dress so you know it’s gonna fit.

Found Some Hawaiian Seat Covers On Sale

Just checked in with our friends over at BeachTrading.com and see that they’re running a sale on their Hawaiian seat covers this week so I thought I’d pass it along…

I’ve got a pair of these seat covers in my truck right now and I do have to say it’s nice not having to worry about what gets on my seats, plus I love the tropical floral pattern. 🙂

If you’ve got leather or vinyl seats you really gotta get a pair of these now that it’s Summer… nothing like getting back to your car after it’s been parked in the sun at the beach for hours and hours and having to sit on a flesh-melting seat!! Or worse coming back to find something, (usually a food or candy item), melted, not ON to but INTO your seat!

They’re inexpensive, they look cool, they’re practical, they’re easy to install, they’re machine washable and now… they’re on sale – so grab a pair of these Hawaiian print auto seat covers and stick them on your car before anything happens to your car’s seats, or your butt. :-p

Checkout the Beach Trading blog for more info…

Happy 4th!

With today being a holiday I’m moving slow this morning… just drinking some coffee and cruising a few of my favorite sites. Found a couple things I thought I’d share…

One of my favs, Beach Trading, is having a sale that unfortunately ends today, (sorry I didn’t catch it earlier this week). It’s on one of the Indo Boards that they carry: the Indo Board Pro. If you get one by midnight tonight they’ve got a coupon at their blog where you can get a discount.

These balance boards are great for getting in shape and are perfect for working on your balance and staying in shape when you’re away from the water or enduring a long flat spell with no surf.

Another one of my favs, Buy Rash Guards, has got a great blog post about grilling on the Fourth of July with some delicious bbq recipes. I think I may try the chicken one tonight – m-m-m-m-m-m.  😛

Cool Skimboard on Sale

Our friends over at Beach Trading have put one of their skimboards on sale this week and it’s a really cool model we thought we’d mention: the SkimSkate by Madrid Skateboards.

What’s unique about this skim board is that it doesn’t have a nose or a tail so it’s bi-directional, kinda like a snowboard.

You have to go to their blog to get the coupon info, (which is only good through this Friday), so hurry!