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No Limit Hold em – Hawaiian Gardens

Well, I played the Friday $30,000 guarantee No Limit tourney last night at Hawaiian Gardens… busted out in the first hour! Just wasn’t getting any hands and when I tried to make a move with a bluff or even just a continuation I got called or raised – Bummer!!

The payout was nice: $10,000 for 1st, $5600 for 2nd, $3200 for 3rd and on down thru the top 9. I’ll definitely be coming back for a piece of this action… especially with the $155, no rebuy structure.

There were about 250 people, (almost what I play against at the Bike’s Nooner tourney for $40)

Went on to play some cash games, (tried the $2-$4 and the $20 no limit)… had better luck at the $20 N/L and ate some awesome kung pao chicken.

Overall came home down the $155 I payed to play the tourney… just couldn’t make that back.ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Meat Market Hold em Hold Up

This is just too funny so I thought I’d share….

Talking with the butcher at the meat counter while getting some steaks the other night and when I said, “see you next week”, he said he’d be on vacation next week so I wouldn’t see him. When I asked where he was going he pulled up the arm of his white smock and showed me a tattoo of a royal flush on his bicep, (dang that must of hurt)!! Said he’s not going anywhere but is taking the week to play a bunch of poker at the local casinos.

I’d connected with another Texas Hold ’em junkie!! We chatted about poker for the next half-hour – too funny!!

He told me about a great no limit tourney every Friday night at Hawaiian Gardens Casino with a $150 buy-in, $30,000 guarantee and no rebuys. I’m heading over there this Friday and will let you all know how I do… oh ya, he also said they’ve got the best ribeye in town over there… steak and poker baby!! ๐Ÿ˜›

Annie Duke and Dan Harrington – All In For Kids

Just volunteer last night at a charity poker tourney for The Alliance for Children’s Rights and had a blast! It was their 5th annual “All In For Kids” event and was a smashing success.

Chatted with Annie Duke and Dan Harrington who were gracious enough to donate to the charity and come play.

Annie Duke beat the field of over 80 people to win and then generously donated her entire winnings, (over $7000), right back to the charity – what a class act!

No Luck in No Limit

Just got back from playing the Nooner No Limit Hold Em tournament at the Bicycle Club Casino… was hoping my 5 week break from playing would help me come back feeling fresh and changing my luck – but, no… my jacks ran into kings and I got knocked out early!

I thought a break would make me feel better at the table but I have to admit I felt a little rusty and less confident. Guess that means I need to play more.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

I Hate Pocket Aces!

Just got home from the Commerce Casino and I’m still steaming!

I got pocket AA’s THREE TIMES within 5 hands and lost each and every friggin’ time to straights, (2 on the river and 1 on the turn)… the lasted time busted me and I left… you could probably see the steam coming off the top of my head! Earlier tonight my full house lost to quad 2’s…

Today I hate this game… another day I’ll be in love all over again… that’s poker…

Poker Gods Were Smiling – 8th Place

Just got back from my weekly afternoon poker tourney at The Bike and I’m happy to report I had a good game. Started with a field of 145 and made it to the final table and got busted out in 8th place!

Started off at my first table playing with poker legend Robert “Chipburner” Turner… really nice guy who’s been playing forever. When our table broke I didn’t play with him again until we met at the final table. He got busted out in 9th – on a bad beat, of course… he was getting short-stacked and went all in with pocket KK’s… got called with some donkey holding Q-10 off suit… flopped trip K’s only to have the dork with Q-10 hit a straight on the river – sorry to see you go, Robert!

I got blinded out soon after in 8th…

At least the poker gods were with me today and I didn’t get busted out with pocket QQ’s or pocket AA’s like I have the last 3 weeks. ๐Ÿ˜›

Yet Another Bad Beat Story

This week my ‘Thursday Play Day’ was supposed to be an afternoon on the links working on my golf game but my golf buddy had to cancel at the last minute. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Fortunately she emailed me at 12:30pm to cancel… that gave me 30 minutes to make the 25 minute drive to the Bicycle Club for their 1pm tourney… I had wrapped up work early to play golf so I figured why not jump in the car and play a little poker!

To make a long story short, (and post yet another bad beat story)… I flop the nut straight, don’t try to slow play, and bet out… get a caller who flopped a pair and ends up with friggin’ quads on the river…