Join Hands Across the Sand at Cabrillo Beach

Join Hands Across the Sand at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro on June 25, 2011, at 11:00 AM!

They are going to spend time conducting a seashore clean up, asking people to sign petitions and then we all can all join hands at 12:00 p.m. building a human line in the sand to stand against off-shore drilling and promote clean electricity.

We all will be gathering near to the playground on the sand! You’ll find over  200 activities planned around the world along with more becoming added on a regular basis.

To obtain more info on Hands Across the Sand the website is: This hyperlink also offers info on all the Hands events all over the world.

The San Pedro Group/community Facebook page.

The San Pedro Hands Across the Sand Facebook event page.

Essential NOTE On Auto parking: There’s a pay parking area from Cabrillo beach which costs $1.00 per hour, $9.00 max. If you’re lucky, you will find free on street car parking. Or perhaps, it is possible to park your car free of charge at the Cabrillo Marina, then walk about 1/4 mi. towards the seashore.


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