Surfing Today’s South Swell

Been awhile since I posted, I know! Life ‘happens’ and things get in the way but I’m back at least for today.  🙂

After a pretty non-existent summer here in Los Angeles we’re finally having some downright hot weather, which I know some are loving and some are hating, (depending on where in our great city you happen to live.).

Down here at the beach it’s not too bad – about 90 with a slight ocean breeze, but if you’re up in the Valleys you’re looking at up to 110 I hear – YEOW!

Personally I have come to accept the May Gray and  June Gloom that we’re used to seeing in the early summer months, but the fact that the cool, gray weather lasted into late August made lots of us feel like we got screwed out of a summer. We’ve also had ocean temps in the mid 50’s – which is more typical for winter then summer where it should be in the high 60’s to mid 70’s by now.

I will admit that I got up early and took advantage of today’s warmer weather, warming water, (mid 60’s today), and lingering south swell to catch some waves at Crabs in Seal Beach.  😛

Wore a spring suit today, but tomorrow I’ll have no trouble trunking it in a rash guard shirt and board shorts, for sure!

One of the perks of being a surfer who works from home – you can schedule your day around the waves…


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