It’s Time to Chirstmas Shop

I know Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet but I’m a firm believer in shopping early for Christmas and holiday gifts!

Here are a few of my favorite sites for holiday shopping, (and plain old shopping anytime of year, really!):

Beach Trading – They’ve got a great selection of gifts for your surfer or beach lover including Hawaiian seat covers, rash guard shirts, balance boards, shark and fish car emblems, sarongs, skateboards, surf maps, Lion Coffee and much more!

Buy Rash Guards – This is THE SPOT for rash guards, surf shirts, swim shirts and UV protective clothing. They’ve got a free shipping offer if you buy 3 or more of their rashguards.

Buy Hawaiian Seat Covers – These guys have a huge selection of Hawaiian print auto seat covers. They’ve picked out the coolest patterns so you can find a gift for anyone on your list. Who doesn’t want a pair of tropical or floral car seat covers?

Buy Indo Boards – Your one stop shop for all the Indo Board balance board models. Including the Original Indo, the Indo Pro, the Indo Mini Pro and the Indo Kicktail. They even have this rad balance board called the Surf Ball that you have to see to believe.

OK – that’s my 2 cents… anyone else want to chime in with their own favs for Christmas gifts for surfers and beach lovers?


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