Small Surf Again – Indo Board Site

More small surf and howling Santa Ana winds keeping me out of the water and surfing the web instead of surfing any waves… I know I should be working, (my boss thinks I am), but I do consider passing along cool sites aprt of my ‘job’… to that end here’s a great new site I found that sells nothing but Indo Board balance boards:

For those of you who haven’t tried one of these you’ll be amazed at the workout you can get to train for any board sports while on dry land. Balance boards are perfect for flat days like today.. you can still get a balance and leg workout even though you’re not in the water.

And for those of you starting your holiday shopping early – you’ll be the hit this season if you give one of these Indo Boards as a gift!!

FYI they also have Indo Board blog where they post tips and sales so you may want to bookmark them and check back… I’ll do the same. 🙂

OK – time to get back to some real work… adios!!!


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