Post Debate

I’d have to call it a draw… McCain people will say he won and Obama people will say he won.

I do wish Obama would have been a little more hard-hitting but I know he’s trying to keep on the higher road and play nice, but he really could have pressed the fact that McCain is basically 4 more years of the same terrible leadership we have now.

At least we got to hear their real differences on foreign policy. I have to agree with Obama that we’re so darned focused on Iraq that we have tunnel vision. Afghanistan and Pakistan are where Al Quaida is hiding out and we need to expand our efforts there. Bin Ladin has still yet to be found, thank you Mr Bush!

I do have to say that McCain looked like an ignorant bully when he stuck to his guns about not talking with Iran or our other perceived enemies. C’mon dude, this is the 21st century! It’s no longer ‘might-makes-right’ and ‘good fences make good neighbors’. Whether you like it or not we’re all intertwined… we can’t just cut off these people. We’re tied to all these countries now be it through their oil, their nuclear weapons, our economies, etc. Telling them to ‘talk to the hand’ is stupid and childish and won’t get anything accomplished.

I’d rate it 55%-45% to Obama – but I am biased. 🙂

I hope Biden can walk the fine line this Thursday with Palin. I think all he has to do is let her put her foot in her mouth…


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