Fly Fishing in Mammoth Rocked!

Good Monday morning!

Spent last week fly fishing in Mammoth, CA, (up the the Southern Sierras), and just have to post that I had an awesome time!!

Despite the fact that our car broke down about 25 miles south of Mammoth, we lucked out that AAA got us to a  mechanic in town that was actually open on Labor Day, (the day we made the 6 hour drive up), and that he rented cars!

We dropped the car and grabbed a rental just in time to check into our condo and make some dinner.

Tuesday morning, (Day 2), we were up bright and early to meet our guide, Josh, who works at the Troutfitter. We jumped in his truck and headed out to the Ownes River where he kept us on the trout all 5 hours we were with him… nothing like having a guide to equip you, put you on the fish, untangle your line and re-tie your flies!!

The next day, (Day 3), we headed back to another section of the Ownes by oursleves, but armed with everything Josh showed us the day before and found our own little section of the river loaded with fish. It was a little tricky but we did get some of them to bite. Lost a few flies in the process, (I casted across the river and into the bushes several times!), but we were better at tying our lines by the end of the day.

Later that evening we headed up to Lake George with our spin rods and lazily cast some lures as the sun set… no bites but it was beautiful!

Also on Day 3 we found out we needed a serpentine belt for the car and it would take another day to get the part but we were happy to learn it was nothing major or expensive – WHEW!

Day 4, Thursday, we headed down to the world famous Hot Creek. WOW – was it tough to fish this year!!! The water was low and the weeds were super thick in the river – providing lots of hiding places for the fish and lots of lost flies for us! We did manage to pull out a couple of those smart trout, but missed  setting the hook on quite a few bites.  😦

Later we picked up the car and happily paid the $150 it cost to replace the belt. After we were back in our own vehicle we headed up the 395 to Lee Vining for a late lunch at the famous Tioga Pass Mobil station… yes, a gas station! Apparently some famous chef from Los Angeles got tired of the rat race and bought the gas station/diner and now feeds hungry travelers heading to and from Yosemite and Mammoth at his Whoa Nellie Deli. We got the fish tacos and the lobster taquitos… I do have to say for the price, ($12 per plate), it didn’t live up to all the hype. Both dishes were very bland… actually the best part were the black beans, they actually had some flavor.

Again in the evening we took our spin rods up to Lake Mamie and Lake Mary for some relaxing casting and sunset watching… and we had BEAR SIGHTING!!! We parked near the overspill between Lake Mamie and Lake Mary and just as we were about to get out and walk down to the edge of the water about 30 yards away, a mama bear followed by a cub came walking up along the water’s edge!! Very cool! We waited a few minutes as we watched them enter the woods and then we headed down to put our lines in the water… no bites but again it was beautiful!

Friday, (Day 5), we got up early and packed the car, ate some food at the Breakfast Club and headed back home to LA… actually beat the traffic and got home by 2pm… pooped and happy!!!

I do have to put a plug in here for the Stay Dry Shirts / Kore Dry Shirts I got over at Beach Trading and Buy Rash Guards. These UV protective shirts kept me from getting sunburned and the waterproof material was great for grabbing and un-hooking those trout, (it’s all catch a release fishing), while keeping my shirt dry!


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