I Hate Microsoft – SP3 Sucks!

I’ll admit I’m no computer geek but I will say I’m a die hard Mac lover and user and only have one PC to run my business apps on.

So last night at like 11pm I walk in to see my PC with a bunch of gobbly-gook on a black screen and see it’s stuck in an endless reboot… I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong or what to do! My stomach knots up , my head feels tight and I start to panic… just moments ago I was kicking back in front of the TV watching a Pot Limit Omaha tourney at the World Series of Poker that we had Tivo-ed earlier in the week – not a care in the world, talking about our upcoming fly-fishing trip to Mammoth next week and now THIS!

I jump on my trusty Mac and Google away only to learn that my Windows Automatic Update, (which is supposed to keep my PC up-to-date and safe), had downloaded and installed XP Service Pack 3… apparently, (and well know and documented by Microsoft), there is a BIG problem with SP3 and AMD processors! This problem causes PC’s using AMD processors to get stuck in endless reboot, (among other things).

Fortunately I found a terrific blog by an amazing and brilliant guy named Jesper that has a fix for this SP3 and AMD problem. I followed his advice and was back up in a few minutes!

In my search to find out what was wrong with my computer I read pages and pages of posts from poor souls like me who suddenly found their PC no able to boot up with many losing literally years worth of data – it made me sick and deepened my hatred of Microsoft… how in the heck could they release this piece of doo-doo Service Pack knowing it would screw up thousands of machines?!?!?


One response to “I Hate Microsoft – SP3 Sucks!

  1. Microsoft can’t predict all the many thousands different versions of files and minor modifications you’ve done to your Windows before you installed it.
    ALL service packs had this same issue, generally most of them failed when you installed it on a working pc – a service pack isnt a hotfix or two run through windows update, its a pretty hefty modification to the system – without having an idea of whats happened to your system Windows has to make a general idea and hope it works.
    Service Pack 2 has this exact same issue & yet people complained constantly about it until they realised they could reinstall clean, install the service pack or intergrate the service pack into their Windows XP cd, so making their XP Pro SP1 cd a XP Pro Sp2 or in this case a XP Pro SP2 cd into a XP Pro SP3 cd. (http://nliteos.com/)
    When you clean install with a XP Pro SP3 cd, and reinstall all your apps again and get yourself running – you’ll find you will have no issues with XP SP3.

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