Small Surf

Surf is still tiny around here today – knee to maybe waist if you’re a midget… it’s pretty warm and I couldn’t concentrate so I just headed over to the Seal Beach Pier for a nice 20 minute body surf session.

Trunked it in the 70 degree water… and I gotta give a shout out to Laguna Fins – I LOVE my new Surf II fins!! The soft toe box is so much more comfy than my old Churchills.

Now I’m back to work in front of the computer… hair still wet…  let’s see if I can concentrate any better.  :-p

Supposed to head down to Newport to stay at a friend’s beach house Wednesday night. Forecast is calling for small surf all week so it looks like I’ll be bringing fins and a frisbee instead of a stick.

Oh well… guess things could be worse… I could be land locked in Ohio or some God forsaken place instead of Southern California………


2 responses to “Small Surf

  1. Boy, wish I could just leave my desk for an hour and hit the water in the middle of the day… slacker, (but I’m jealous!). 😛

  2. Same here. We get a few waves when hurricanes happen by, like now with Ike.

    Kind regards,
    Dave Jackson
    Naples, FL

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