No Limit Hold em – Hawaiian Gardens

Well, I played the Friday $30,000 guarantee No Limit tourney last night at Hawaiian Gardens… busted out in the first hour! Just wasn’t getting any hands and when I tried to make a move with a bluff or even just a continuation I got called or raised – Bummer!!

The payout was nice: $10,000 for 1st, $5600 for 2nd, $3200 for 3rd and on down thru the top 9. I’ll definitely be coming back for a piece of this action… especially with the $155, no rebuy structure.

There were about 250 people, (almost what I play against at the Bike’s Nooner tourney for $40)

Went on to play some cash games, (tried the $2-$4 and the $20 no limit)… had better luck at the $20 N/L and ate some awesome kung pao chicken.

Overall came home down the $155 I payed to play the tourney… just couldn’t make that back.  😦


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