Take Action to Reduce Plastic Bag Use in California – AB 2058

From the Environmental Defense Fund:

“California is a special place with world famous beaches, majestic scenery, rare wildlife and abundant recreational activities. We now have the opportunity to protect California’s environment by reducing our use of harmful plastic bags.

The Plastic Bag Litter Reduction Act AB 2058 is currently stalled in the California Senate. This historic bill would reduce the use of plastic bags throughout the state. Please send an email today <http://action.edf.org/campaign/CA_plasticbags> —urge your state senator to support this important bill.

Senate leaders need to bring this bill forward for a vote before the California legislative session closes at the end of August.

Each year Californians use 19 billion plastic bags. Those bags end up in landfills—where it takes up to 1000 years from them to decompose—or in the ocean, where they cause severe harm to wildlife. Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, birds and marine mammals die each year from ingesting plastic bags. And plastic bags are made from petroleum, contributing to global warming.

Plastics are also harmful to human life because they never fully break down in the environment and end up as toxins that threaten human health. AB 2058 would change all that. It would encourage Californians to take reusable bags to grocery stores and allow for them to purchase a plastic bag when needed. It would also set standards for retailers to recycle plastic bags.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. So simple and yet it stands at risk of being shelved in the California Senate. Please do your part today – send an urgent action alert <http://action.edf.org/campaign/CA_plasticbags> to the California Senate. Tell them not to “bag” AB 2058.”

C’mon people – get off your lazy butts and take a friggin canvas bag with you to the store!! Or carry your box of cereal in your own 2 hands!! I hate it when I see 1 or 2 items get bagged when they could easily be carried out sans plastic!!

Plastics are making their way into our food chain and even showing up in womens’ breast milk for pete’s sake!!!


One response to “Take Action to Reduce Plastic Bag Use in California – AB 2058

  1. Great Post! It’s so great to see people becoming more aware of the urgent environmental issues that we are now facing. It was a great step forward when San Fransisco took the initiative of banning plastic bags, keep up the great work California!

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