Meat Market Hold em Hold Up

This is just too funny so I thought I’d share….

Talking with the butcher at the meat counter while getting some steaks the other night and when I said, “see you next week”, he said he’d be on vacation next week so I wouldn’t see him. When I asked where he was going he pulled up the arm of his white smock and showed me a tattoo of a royal flush on his bicep, (dang that must of hurt)!! Said he’s not going anywhere but is taking the week to play a bunch of poker at the local casinos.

I’d connected with another Texas Hold ’em junkie!! We chatted about poker for the next half-hour – too funny!!

He told me about a great no limit tourney every Friday night at Hawaiian Gardens Casino with a $150 buy-in, $30,000 guarantee and no rebuys. I’m heading over there this Friday and will let you all know how I do… oh ya, he also said they’ve got the best ribeye in town over there… steak and poker baby!! 😛


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