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I Hate Microsoft – SP3 Sucks!

I’ll admit I’m no computer geek but I will say I’m a die hard Mac lover and user and only have one PC to run my business apps on.

So last night at like 11pm I walk in to see my PC with a bunch of gobbly-gook on a black screen and see it’s stuck in an endless reboot… I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong or what to do! My stomach knots up , my head feels tight and I start to panic… just moments ago I was kicking back in front of the TV watching a Pot Limit Omaha tourney at the World Series of Poker that we had Tivo-ed earlier in the week – not a care in the world, talking about our upcoming fly-fishing trip to Mammoth next week and now THIS!

I jump on my trusty Mac and Google away only to learn that my Windows Automatic Update, (which is supposed to keep my PC up-to-date and safe), had downloaded and installed XP Service Pack 3… apparently, (and well know and documented by Microsoft), there is a BIG problem with SP3 and AMD processors! This problem causes PC’s using AMD processors to get stuck in endless reboot, (among other things).

Fortunately I found a terrific blog by an amazing and brilliant guy named Jesper that has a fix for this SP3 and AMD problem. I followed his advice and was back up in a few minutes!

In my search to find out what was wrong with my computer I read pages and pages of posts from poor souls like me who suddenly found their PC no able to boot up with many losing literally years worth of data – it made me sick and deepened my hatred of Microsoft… how in the heck could they release this piece of doo-doo Service Pack knowing it would screw up thousands of machines?!?!?

Small Surf

Surf is still tiny around here today – knee to maybe waist if you’re a midget… it’s pretty warm and I couldn’t concentrate so I just headed over to the Seal Beach Pier for a nice 20 minute body surf session.

Trunked it in the 70 degree water… and I gotta give a shout out to Laguna Fins – I LOVE my new Surf II fins!! The soft toe box is so much more comfy than my old Churchills.

Now I’m back to work in front of the computer… hair still wet…  let’s see if I can concentrate any better.  :-p

Supposed to head down to Newport to stay at a friend’s beach house Wednesday night. Forecast is calling for small surf all week so it looks like I’ll be bringing fins and a frisbee instead of a stick.

Oh well… guess things could be worse… I could be land locked in Ohio or some God forsaken place instead of Southern California………

No Limit Hold em – Hawaiian Gardens

Well, I played the Friday $30,000 guarantee No Limit tourney last night at Hawaiian Gardens… busted out in the first hour! Just wasn’t getting any hands and when I tried to make a move with a bluff or even just a continuation I got called or raised – Bummer!!

The payout was nice: $10,000 for 1st, $5600 for 2nd, $3200 for 3rd and on down thru the top 9. I’ll definitely be coming back for a piece of this action… especially with the $155, no rebuy structure.

There were about 250 people, (almost what I play against at the Bike’s Nooner tourney for $40)

Went on to play some cash games, (tried the $2-$4 and the $20 no limit)… had better luck at the $20 N/L and ate some awesome kung pao chicken.

Overall came home down the $155 I payed to play the tourney… just couldn’t make that back.  😦

Take Action to Reduce Plastic Bag Use in California – AB 2058

From the Environmental Defense Fund:

“California is a special place with world famous beaches, majestic scenery, rare wildlife and abundant recreational activities. We now have the opportunity to protect California’s environment by reducing our use of harmful plastic bags.

The Plastic Bag Litter Reduction Act AB 2058 is currently stalled in the California Senate. This historic bill would reduce the use of plastic bags throughout the state. Please send an email today <> —urge your state senator to support this important bill.

Senate leaders need to bring this bill forward for a vote before the California legislative session closes at the end of August.

Each year Californians use 19 billion plastic bags. Those bags end up in landfills—where it takes up to 1000 years from them to decompose—or in the ocean, where they cause severe harm to wildlife. Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, birds and marine mammals die each year from ingesting plastic bags. And plastic bags are made from petroleum, contributing to global warming.

Plastics are also harmful to human life because they never fully break down in the environment and end up as toxins that threaten human health. AB 2058 would change all that. It would encourage Californians to take reusable bags to grocery stores and allow for them to purchase a plastic bag when needed. It would also set standards for retailers to recycle plastic bags.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. So simple and yet it stands at risk of being shelved in the California Senate. Please do your part today – send an urgent action alert <> to the California Senate. Tell them not to “bag” AB 2058.”

C’mon people – get off your lazy butts and take a friggin canvas bag with you to the store!! Or carry your box of cereal in your own 2 hands!! I hate it when I see 1 or 2 items get bagged when they could easily be carried out sans plastic!!

Plastics are making their way into our food chain and even showing up in womens’ breast milk for pete’s sake!!!

Meat Market Hold em Hold Up

This is just too funny so I thought I’d share….

Talking with the butcher at the meat counter while getting some steaks the other night and when I said, “see you next week”, he said he’d be on vacation next week so I wouldn’t see him. When I asked where he was going he pulled up the arm of his white smock and showed me a tattoo of a royal flush on his bicep, (dang that must of hurt)!! Said he’s not going anywhere but is taking the week to play a bunch of poker at the local casinos.

I’d connected with another Texas Hold ’em junkie!! We chatted about poker for the next half-hour – too funny!!

He told me about a great no limit tourney every Friday night at Hawaiian Gardens Casino with a $150 buy-in, $30,000 guarantee and no rebuys. I’m heading over there this Friday and will let you all know how I do… oh ya, he also said they’ve got the best ribeye in town over there… steak and poker baby!! 😛

Adorable Kids Board Shorts

OK, I know I just wrote about the new women’s board shorts I found over at but this morning I just noticed they have a new line of kid’s board shorts that are adorable!

I have to say it’s tough to find board shorts in children’s sizes but they have got some adorable girl’s board shorts in pink and some handsome boy’s board shorts in navy blue that are styled after their line of men’s and women’s board shorts.

Surf is small to day I’m doing my surfing online and will pass along other cool things as I find them. 🙂

2008 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race – 8/24/08

For all you SUP, (Stand Up Paddlers), out there here’s a head’s up that the Catalina Classic is coming to the Manhattan Beach Pier at the end of this month, (August 24th to be exact).

This is the famous, grueling, 32 mile paddleboard race!

It will begin at 6:00am at the Isthmus on Catalina. The top finishers will arrive at Manhattan Beach Pier roughly around 5 hours later, followed by the back of the pack taking up to 9 hours to complete the grueling 32 mile paddleboard marathon.

I’d start my carbo loading now…