Found Some Hawaiian Seat Covers On Sale

Just checked in with our friends over at and see that they’re running a sale on their Hawaiian seat covers this week so I thought I’d pass it along…

I’ve got a pair of these seat covers in my truck right now and I do have to say it’s nice not having to worry about what gets on my seats, plus I love the tropical floral pattern. 🙂

If you’ve got leather or vinyl seats you really gotta get a pair of these now that it’s Summer… nothing like getting back to your car after it’s been parked in the sun at the beach for hours and hours and having to sit on a flesh-melting seat!! Or worse coming back to find something, (usually a food or candy item), melted, not ON to but INTO your seat!

They’re inexpensive, they look cool, they’re practical, they’re easy to install, they’re machine washable and now… they’re on sale – so grab a pair of these Hawaiian print auto seat covers and stick them on your car before anything happens to your car’s seats, or your butt. :-p

Checkout the Beach Trading blog for more info…


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