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Malibu Beach – Fun at the ‘Bu-Bee Hatch’

With the buoys and surf reports showing signs of a decent south-swell and my old surf buddy Seaweed Steve calling me last night from Malibu with a head’s up, I filled up the gas tank bright and early to make the 45mi trek up to my old stomping grounds: First Point at Malibu.

I pulled up to the curb at 6:45am to snag the last parking spot on PCH next to Jack-in-the-Box – that meant that the water was already packed and that there were probably 50-60 guys all waiting for the same waves… ready to snake any and all comers…

It was overcast but warm, with glassy conditions as I ran across all 5 lanes of PCH and took my spot on the sidewalk with the regulars. Chatted with Steve Dunn, Woodsy and Snowman while we watched the clean 2-3′ sets roll in with Alan Sarlo tearing it up from the top of 1st all the way down. I even snagged a frontal spot when somebody left while we were standing there!

Just as Woodsy was about to leave, discouraged at the small size and huge crowd, a nice 5′ set rolled through and we all charged to our cars to put on our wetsuits.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Within 10 minutes I was paddling up the inside, (never have liked walking up to the top of the point), taking position in my ‘area’. I watched and waited, wondering what my chances were going to be today with this elbow-to-elbow crowd all around me.

Low and behold my spot was working when the occasional wide swinging set would roll through the inside where I was positioned. Knowing it was not quite makable from the top of the point, I paddled as riders coming from the outside yelled at me but I confidently dropped in knowing there would soon be a section of white water between us that they were not going to make. The inside was packed but maneuverable and I got some super-long rides all the way to the sand.ย  ๐Ÿ˜›

Never managed to catch any of those 5′ sneaker sets that rolled through but let’s just say I was out for an hour, I lost track of the number of waves I caught and only got snaked twice.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a damn good day at the Bu… she can still put a smile on my face after 30+ years of riding her…

Annie Duke and Dan Harrington – All In For Kids

Just volunteer last night at a charity poker tourney for The Alliance for Children’s Rights and had a blast! It was their 5th annual “All In For Kids” event and was a smashing success.

Chatted with Annie Duke and Dan Harrington who were gracious enough to donate to the charity and come play.

Annie Duke beat the field of over 80 people to win and then generously donated her entire winnings, (over $7000), right back to the charity – what a class act!

Surfing Another Fun South Swell

Was up at the crack of dawn yesterday, (a Sunday!!!), to hit the new south swell that rolled in but was sadly disappointed to find howling onshore winds when I made it down to the beach.ย  Got up at 6am to foggy skies so I knew we had some onshore flow, but man it was super choppy! I was back in bed by 7am…

With the swell holding I tried it again this morning and imagine my happy surprise when I woke up at 6am this time to sunny skies! Flew out the door and down to the rivermouth at Seal Beach to find glassy conditions and super-fun 2-4 surf with occasional bigger sets! I threw on my trunks and rash guard, slathered on some sunblock and hit it for a hour… had a bunch of fun rides with a couple of standout waves that I will replay in my mind the rest of the day.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Found Some Hawaiian Seat Covers On Sale

Just checked in with our friends over at and see that they’re running a sale on their Hawaiian seat covers this week so I thought I’d pass it along…

I’ve got a pair of these seat covers in my truck right now and I do have to say it’s nice not having to worry about what gets on my seats, plus I love the tropical floral pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’ve got leather or vinyl seats you really gotta get a pair of these now that it’s Summer… nothing like getting back to your car after it’s been parked in the sun at the beach for hours and hours and having to sit on a flesh-melting seat!! Or worse coming back to find something, (usually a food or candy item), melted, not ON to but INTO your seat!

They’re inexpensive, they look cool, they’re practical, they’re easy to install, they’re machine washable and now… they’re on sale – so grab a pair of these Hawaiian print auto seat covers and stick them on your car before anything happens to your car’s seats, or your butt. :-p

Checkout the Beach Trading blog for more info…

Happy 4th!

With today being a holiday I’m moving slow this morning… just drinking some coffee and cruising a few of my favorite sites. Found a couple things I thought I’d share…

One of my favs, Beach Trading, is having a sale that unfortunately ends today, (sorry I didn’t catch it earlier this week). It’s on one of the Indo Boards that they carry: the Indo Board Pro. If you get one by midnight tonight they’ve got a coupon at their blog where you can get a discount.

These balance boards are great for getting in shape and are perfect for working on your balance and staying in shape when you’re away from the water or enduring a long flat spell with no surf.

Another one of my favs, Buy Rash Guards, has got a great blog post about grilling on the Fourth of July with some delicious bbq recipes. I think I may try the chicken one tonight – m-m-m-m-m-m.ย  ๐Ÿ˜›

No Luck in No Limit

Just got back from playing the Nooner No Limit Hold Em tournament at the Bicycle Club Casino… was hoping my 5 week break from playing would help me come back feeling fresh and changing my luck – but, no… my jacks ran into kings and I got knocked out early!

I thought a break would make me feel better at the table but I have to admit I felt a little rusty and less confident. Guess that means I need to play more.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Small South Swell – Seal Beach

Still on East Coast time so I was up at 6am without the alarm… took advantage by heading over to the rivermouth at Seal Beach for some small, but fun little waves on my longboard.

Water is warming up… wearing just boardshorts, a rash guard and some sunscreen – AHHHH!

It feels good to be home… Hopefully we’ll get some more south swell this week…