It’s Summertime, Summertime – West to East Coasts

Just got back from yet another trip – boy am I pooped! I see I need to post so here’s a quick catch-up of the last few weeks…

Got back safe and sound from my Hawaiian surf-safari but was only home for 4 days before heading off to visit more family on Martha’s Vineyard and then Cape Cod, (Wellfleet to be exact). Boy am I stoked that I have family, (that I like), who live in such awesome places! It’d be a bummer if my family lived in like Kansas or some place thousands of miles from the ocean!

So in a span of a week I went from beaches about as far west as you can go to beaches about as far east as you can go – YEHAW!

Didn’t surf while I was in Cape Cod but I must admit I was tempted to rent a board to catch some of the nice little 1-2′ peelers off Newcomb beach – maybe next time. I was a bit surprised how cold the water was… felt like low to mid 60’s and all I had was a long sleeve rash guard for some UV protection.

Ate some great local lobster, steamed clams, scallops and slurped some delicious, raw Wellfleet oysters – YUMMY!

For now it’s back to work – no trips planned for awhile… maybe fly fishing in Mammoth, (the California Sierras), in September.


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