Surf’s Up – Finally!

Well we FINALLY got some surf today! The swell that was supposed to show up yesterday didn’t materialize until today… so we lost another day of surfing due to flatness but were happy the waves finally arrived!

Today we stuck around Canoes where the surf was 2-4 feet… Seaweed only stayed out about an hour while I hung in there for 2.5 hours. Not bad for a couple of old, outta shape, surf bums. 😛

Gotta say I really dig my long sleeve rash guard since it’s the only way I can stay protected with SPF 150 coverage while I’m out in the water! I don’t know what we did before these surf shirts came along… oh ya, I remember – we burned our asses off!!!

The swell is supposed to hang around into tomorrow so we’ll be on it again…may venture out to Pops or Queens.



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