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It’s Summertime, Summertime – West to East Coasts

Just got back from yet another trip – boy am I pooped! I see I need to post so here’s a quick catch-up of the last few weeks…

Got back safe and sound from my Hawaiian surf-safari but was only home for 4 days before heading off to visit more family on Martha’s Vineyard and then Cape Cod, (Wellfleet to be exact). Boy am I stoked that I have family, (that I like), who live in such awesome places! It’d be a bummer if my family lived in like Kansas or some place thousands of miles from the ocean!

So in a span of a week I went from beaches about as far west as you can go to beaches about as far east as you can go – YEHAW!

Didn’t surf while I was in Cape Cod but I must admit I was tempted to rent a board to catch some of the nice little 1-2′ peelers off Newcomb beach – maybe next time. I was a bit surprised how cold the water was… felt like low to mid 60’s and all I had was a long sleeve rash guard for some UV protection.

Ate some great local lobster, steamed clams, scallops and slurped some delicious, raw Wellfleet oysters – YUMMY!

For now it’s back to work – no trips planned for awhile… maybe fly fishing in Mammoth, (the California Sierras), in September.

Surfed Out and Jet Lagged

Spent my last morning in Hawaii catching some of the new swell that was filling in before I hopped on the plane at 1pm… it was super clean out at Populars with occasional head high sets rolling in if you waited long enough. I’ll be surfing on these same waves when they hit California in 3 days but I’m going to miss the small crowds and 80 degree water when I’m back home surfing the ‘Bu with 50 other guys and wearing a wetsuit…

Arrived at LAX late last night and the first thing I did when I got on the shuttle to get my car was ask the driver how the Lakers did… what a mistake – ruined my homecoming!ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyways… it was a great 2 weeks of surfing and hanging with the family… my shoulders are worked and I’m ready to sleep in my own bed… Jack, I’ll kick your butt on the pink-pong table next year so keep practicing buddy!

I also want to note that the rash guard shirts I used worked awesome! The only thing is that I’ve got the wildest tan lines: white arms and bronze hands! Looks weird but it beats getting skin cancer on my forearms again. Remember to wear your rash guard kids… The skin you save may be your own!

Aloha – Hawaii no ka oi…

Just Another Weekend in Paradise

The surf is going off in Town today with some 8′ sets but there’s a contest at Queens a contest a Ala Moana Bowls along with the King Kamehameha Day parade and festival in Waikiki so I’m taking it easy and resting my my dog-tired arms after 5 days of surf.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow will be a rest day too and of course with the Laker game on here at 2:30pm we’ll be on the couch all afternoon – GO LAKERS!!!

Surf’s Up – Finally!

Well we FINALLY got some surf today! The swell that was supposed to show up yesterday didn’t materialize until today… so we lost another day of surfing due to flatness but were happy the waves finally arrived!

Today we stuck around Canoes where the surf was 2-4 feet… Seaweed only stayed out about an hour while I hung in there for 2.5 hours. Not bad for a couple of old, outta shape, surf bums. ๐Ÿ˜›

Gotta say I really dig my long sleeve rash guard since it’s the only way I can stay protected with SPF 150 coverage while I’m out in the water! I don’t know what we did before these surf shirts came along… oh ya, I remember – we burned our asses off!!!

The swell is supposed to hang around into tomorrow so we’ll be on it again…may venture out to Pops or Queens.


Women’s Rash Guard Shirt Sale

This week our friends over at Buy-Rash-Guards have one of their most popular womens rash guards on sale this week and I thought I’d let you know about it, (even though I’m on vacation), since rash guard shirts are so important in the fight for protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

I’m living in my rashguards while I’m here in Hawaii on my annual surf-safari because I can wear these surf shirts in the water and get SPF 150 protection that won’t wash off and doesn’t need to be re-applied. Frankly I don’t know what I’d do without them since they keep me so protected from skin cancer!

Anyways… you gotta go to the Buy-Rash-Guards blog to get scoop on this week’s rash guard sale and grab the coupon for the discount…