On Hawaiian Time!

My long-time Malibu surf buddy Seaweed Steve and I arrived in Hawaii yesterday afternoon and got ourselves settled in at my uncle’s house up in Pauoa Valley… this morning we were up bright and early at 6am since we’re still on L.A. time, (LOVE traveling west and getting those extra hours!).

Headed to Town to surf this morning… worked out the kinks and got used to our boards in some 1-3′ surf at Canoes before making the long paddled out to Pops… it was small out there too but MUCH less crowded and longer rights so it was fun…

Had a scrumptious tuna/avocado sandwich at my favorite Waikiki health food store: Ruffage before heading over to the park to nap under a palm tree while Seaweed sunned himself and gawked at the bikini clad girls…

Surf is supposed to be flat over the weekend with a fun 2-4 SW swell coming in Monday, (6/2).

Day 1 of 14 down… 🙂


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