Hold Your Junk Puhleeeeease!

Just caught a great post by our friends over at Happy Monkey Planet, (where you can get the coolest canvas bags!): No more junk(mail) in the trunk – and make a buck!

Seems there’s a service called GreenDimes where you can sign up to stop all that useless junk mail and stupid catalogs that clog your mailbox and then our landfills. They offer different membership levels and one is free – they’ll even plant a tree instead of sending you a $1 for signing up, (we of course took them up on their tree offer).

Did you know that the average household receives over 100 pounds of junk mail a year, making it the majority of household waste?? I didn’t…

Since it’s inception in 2006 GreenDimes claims to have stopped almost 4 million pounds of junk mail, stopped 624,388 catalogues and planted 1,062,200 trees. These numbers are updated in real time on the site’s running impact counter.

Not bad for a free service that actually helps you out – Sign up now people!! 😛


One response to “Hold Your Junk Puhleeeeease!

  1. GreenDimes here,

    Thanks for signing up and enjoying our service. We really appreciate it.

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