Caps are the New Butts!

As you know I ranted last week about the thoughtless slobs who throw their cigarette butts out of the windows of their moving cars and how this is a pet peeve of mine because these idiots don’t realize that eventually their littering butts will end up here at the beach where I live, work and play!

Well imagine my chagrin when I learned that bottle caps are quickly catching up, (and may surpass), cigarette butts as the no. 1 item found at the beach… Great, now I have to add another pet peeve to my list!

Believe it or not a large corporation is already stepping up and helping out with this new and fast-growing problem: Estee Lauder , the makers of Aveda hair care products, has announced they will accept used caps at their salons, and the caps will be melted down and made into new caps.

I think I need a haircut… better go through my recycling and fish out those bottle caps.  🙂


One response to “Caps are the New Butts!

  1. as well as beer caps!

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