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On Hawaiian Time!

My long-time Malibu surf buddy Seaweed Steve and I arrived in Hawaii yesterday afternoon and got ourselves settled in at my uncle’s house up in Pauoa Valley… this morning we were up bright and early at 6am since we’re still on L.A. time, (LOVE traveling west and getting those extra hours!).

Headed to Town to surf this morning… worked out the kinks and got used to our boards in some 1-3′ surf at Canoes before making the long paddled out to Pops… it was small out there too but MUCH less crowded and longer rights so it was fun…

Had a scrumptious tuna/avocado sandwich at my favorite Waikiki health food store: Ruffage before heading over to the park to nap under a palm tree while Seaweed sunned himself and gawked at the bikini clad girls…

Surf is supposed to be flat over the weekend with a fun 2-4 SW swell coming in Monday, (6/2).

Day 1 of 14 down… 🙂

Cool Skimboard on Sale

Our friends over at Beach Trading have put one of their skimboards on sale this week and it’s a really cool model we thought we’d mention: the SkimSkate by Madrid Skateboards.

What’s unique about this skim board is that it doesn’t have a nose or a tail so it’s bi-directional, kinda like a snowboard.

You have to go to their blog to get the coupon info, (which is only good through this Friday), so hurry!


Hold Your Junk Puhleeeeease!

Just caught a great post by our friends over at Happy Monkey Planet, (where you can get the coolest canvas bags!): No more junk(mail) in the trunk – and make a buck!

Seems there’s a service called GreenDimes where you can sign up to stop all that useless junk mail and stupid catalogs that clog your mailbox and then our landfills. They offer different membership levels and one is free – they’ll even plant a tree instead of sending you a $1 for signing up, (we of course took them up on their tree offer).

Did you know that the average household receives over 100 pounds of junk mail a year, making it the majority of household waste?? I didn’t…

Since it’s inception in 2006 GreenDimes claims to have stopped almost 4 million pounds of junk mail, stopped 624,388 catalogues and planted 1,062,200 trees. These numbers are updated in real time on the site’s running impact counter.

Not bad for a free service that actually helps you out – Sign up now people!! 😛

Bag Ban at the ‘Bu

This just in from Heal the Bay:

The Malibu City Council voted unanimously Monday night to ban retailers from distributing single-use plastic shopping bags within city limits, joining dozens of other progressive cities that have recently moved to curb the proliferation of wasteful packaging.

Malibu’s ban is the most aggressive action to date on plastic bags by any Southland city, as it applies to all retailers, from grocery stores to small boutiques. It forbids the distribution of both plastic and
compostable carryout bags.

Grocery stores, food vendors, restaurants, pharmacies and city facilities have six months to comply with the ordinance. Smaller sized retailers have one year until the measure is operative. The City Council also directed staff to research imposing fees on paper bags, in a bid to drive consumer adoption of more sustainable reusable bags.

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Save San Onofre State Beach – Stop Schwarzenegger and His Cronnies!

This just in from the California State Parks Foundation:

San Onofre State Beach needs our help!

The toll road backers in Orange County are appealing to the federal government to override the Coastal Commission and get special approval to build their toll road through San Onofre State Beach.

Click here and take 30 seconds to send a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, urging him to deny the toll road appeal.

You’ll remember that on February 6, the California Coastal Commission voted overwhelmingly to deny federal Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) consistency certification for the Foothill-South Toll Road. The hearing lasted 14 hours and was packed with over 3,500 people. At the end of the day, the Commission voted 8-2 to oppose consistency certification for the road, finding that it violated virtually every provision of the state’s Coastal Act.

But the TCA has appealed that strong decision to the U.S. Department of Commerce and is working to overturn the Commission’s ruling. The Secretary of Commerce will be making a final decision on the appeal and needs to hear from you!

Park supporters need to make their voices heard. Help us tell decision-makers in Washington D.C. that the federal government and the current Administration cannot overturn the Coastal Commission’s clear and thoughtful decision on this matter.

Please send a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, urging him to deny the toll road appeal. Public comments will be accepted until May 28 – tell your friends and family to send a letter supporting San Onofre State Beach, too!

Tourism Slump in Hawaii – Trouble in Paradise

So I hear the state of Hawaii will be tapping into emergency funds to lure tourists back to the Islands, spending millions on a marketing campaign to convince US travelers to vacation there.

Hawaii’s tourism industry is hurting from the sudden closings of Aloha and ATA airlines last month along with a spike in airfares, pushed up by rising jet fuel prices and fewer flights.

I’m wondering, (and hoping), that the whole “supply and demand” theory will start to kick in and maybe actually lower some hotel and airfare prices… if you lower it, we will come!

You can read more about Hawaii’s tourism woes here…

Caps are the New Butts!

As you know I ranted last week about the thoughtless slobs who throw their cigarette butts out of the windows of their moving cars and how this is a pet peeve of mine because these idiots don’t realize that eventually their littering butts will end up here at the beach where I live, work and play!

Well imagine my chagrin when I learned that bottle caps are quickly catching up, (and may surpass), cigarette butts as the no. 1 item found at the beach… Great, now I have to add another pet peeve to my list!

Believe it or not a large corporation is already stepping up and helping out with this new and fast-growing problem: Estee Lauder , the makers of Aveda hair care products, has announced they will accept used caps at their salons, and the caps will be melted down and made into new caps.

I think I need a haircut… better go through my recycling and fish out those bottle caps.  🙂