What the F*&%# Took so Long??

File under ‘It’s About Friggin Time”!: Congress is finally looking into why the FDA relied on two studies funded by American Plastics Council to decide that the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) is safe — in the face of more than 100 published studies by government scientists and university laboratories that have raised health concerns about the chemical.

BPA is often present in plastics marked #7, such as some Nalgene and Camelbak bottles, which I’ve been using to help the planet! Over the weekend we got rid of all of our Nalgene bottles and got new “BPA-Free” ones. If you go to their site they now have a large selection of them along with new stainless steel bottles.

More evidence that our government is in bed with big business and it’s all about the bucks so screw the American people, (be it our health or our gas dollars)!!


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