Thoughtless Slobs – Hold Your Butts

So it took a report by the Ocean Conservancy to tell everyone else something I already knew… smokers are thoughtless, self-absorbed dorks!

Apparently one day last September they got almost 400,00 volunteers in 76 countries to pick up trash from 33,000 miles of shoreline and they came up with 6-million pounds of trash! Guess what the majority of the 7.2 million pieces of it were… yep, friggin’ cigarette butts!! Almost 2-million of them to be exact…

As someone who frequents the beach I see this evidence almost everyday. As someone who lives in Southern California I cheer when city-by-city our beaches ban smoking on the sand.

What most idiot smokers don’t get is that the butt they throw out their window 3 miles away from the ocean will eventually get to the ocean. If not the next rain, then the one after that…

If you can’t tell, this is a pet peeve of mine, (this and car stereos so loud that the dishes in my cabinet audibly shake). Nothing burns me up more than to be behind car and watch some dork throw a butt out the window.. and still burning besides that, (yes here in brushfire-famous SoCal)!!!

Maybe this report will bring this huge and stupid problem to more peoples’ attention so I won’t be the only one yelling at drivers to use their ashtrays…

Oh, second on the list: food wrappers.

Pick up after yourselves people – your mama ain’t here to do it for you!!


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