Poker Gods Were Smiling – 8th Place

Just got back from my weekly afternoon poker tourney at The Bike and I’m happy to report I had a good game. Started with a field of 145 and made it to the final table and got busted out in 8th place!

Started off at my first table playing with poker legend Robert “Chipburner” Turner… really nice guy who’s been playing forever. When our table broke I didn’t play with him again until we met at the final table. He got busted out in 9th – on a bad beat, of course… he was getting short-stacked and went all in with pocket KK’s… got called with some donkey holding Q-10 off suit… flopped trip K’s only to have the dork with Q-10 hit a straight on the river – sorry to see you go, Robert!

I got blinded out soon after in 8th…

At least the poker gods were with me today and I didn’t get busted out with pocket QQ’s or pocket AA’s like I have the last 3 weeks. 😛


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