Monthly Archives: March 2008

Morning Sickness

Got up early to catch some more of this swell but darn it if Catalina Eddy and his girlfriend On Shore Flow hadn’t shown up overnight and stirred up some morning sickness.  😦

Looks like there’s still some NW/SW swell rolling in but it’s lumpy and bumpy and filled with the Saturday crowd so I’ll take a pass and wait for the leftovers on Monday while they’re all at work.  🙂

Bolsa Chica – Good Times

Ahhhhh… just got back from a super-fun session at Bolsa Chica. 🙂

There’s a nice little combo of NW and some early season SW swells so things were peaky at the ol beach break and I was happily able to find a few rare rights to shred.

I started my search at Seal Beach but the SW wasn’t hitting the rivermouth. That and the combo of the early morning low tide made things small and drained out so I headed for Bolsa and was happy I did.

Of course I forgot my camera but you’ll have to take my word that it was a beautiful sunny day with just a hint of an offshore breeze and clean conditions…

On my way out of the water some guy with a video camera said he got some nice footage of me and would post it… I’ll let you know if he does.

Happy Friday!

Yet Another Bad Beat Story

This week my ‘Thursday Play Day’ was supposed to be an afternoon on the links working on my golf game but my golf buddy had to cancel at the last minute. 😦

Fortunately she emailed me at 12:30pm to cancel… that gave me 30 minutes to make the 25 minute drive to the Bicycle Club for their 1pm tourney… I had wrapped up work early to play golf so I figured why not jump in the car and play a little poker!

To make a long story short, (and post yet another bad beat story)… I flop the nut straight, don’t try to slow play, and bet out… get a caller who flopped a pair and ends up with friggin’ quads on the river…

Schwarzenegger is a Cry Baby!

So California’s Gov. Schwarzenegger got so pissed at the California Coastal Commission for opposing the toll road he wants to put through the middle of a beautiful State Park, (dork!), that he fires his brother-in-law, Bobby Shriver AND actor Clint Eastwood from their voluntary positions on one of California’s OTHER state park commissions who ALSO thought it was a dumb idea and recommended the CCC vote it down… I hope Maria punishes him mercilessly…

You can read more here…

Pink Hawaiian Seat Covers on Sale

One of our favorite sites, Beach Trading, put their Pretty in Pink Hawaiian seat covers on sale this week so we thought we’d let you know about it. 🙂

No Surf – Poker Instead

Surf was on the small side today and I’m nursing a sore throat anyway so I did my second favorite sport, (after surfing of course), and played some poker at the Bicycle Club Casino.

They’ve got a Hold ’em tournament every day that starts at 1pm and it’s only $40 to enter. They usually get 150 – 200 people so the jackpot can be a couple grand for 1st place, (they pay out the last 18 spots – but you don’t get into any significant money unless you finish in the top 3).

Been in a rut the last 6 months and can’t seem to get past the last 5 tables… Today was no exception…

Two hours into the tourney I looked around and noticed we were down to 5 tables, (we started with 15), looked down at my short stack, looked at the guy under the gun who raised, looked at everyone who folded in between us and pushed all in from the small blind with my 8-7 off suit… unfortunately he turned over pockets JJ so I was in a tough spot… especially when J came on the flop!

Took my beating then headed over to the 2-4 limit game where I can usually make my $40 back and get myself at least even for the day’s play… guess the poker Gods were not with me today as I took bad beat after bad beat… In the last hand a guy with 7-4 calls my pre-flop raise with A-Q only to end up with a full house on the river after I flopped a Q… that’s poker!

Small surf on tap again for tomorrow… but I’ve got a 4pm tee-time for after I get off work, (love these longer days!), so I’ll play on the links instead of the felt.  🙂

Pray for surf!

Ewwww! What is a Rash Guard Anyway?

If you stumbled across this blog and have no idea what a rash guard is you may be thinking, “how weird”, or “that’s disgusting!”.

Don’t worry… we’ll explain what a rashguard is and after reading what we have to say you just may even want one. 🙂

Rash guards, (also known as surf shirts, swim shirts, rashies and other names I probably haven’t heard of), are thin, tight-fitting shirts made of a lycra/nylon blend.

They’re designed to provide rash, abrasion and UV protection in and around the water. They can vary in SPF rating but our rash guards are some of the highest rated shirts, providing SPF 150+, (UPF 50+), protection wet or dry – that’s higher than any sunscreen on the market today.

Rash guard shirts fit skin tight so they stay put in the water and surfers have been wearing them for decades to protect their skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as from painful rashes that can develop from laying and rubbing on their surfboards.

With all the dangers of skin cancer that have been discovered over the years, rashguards are no longer only being worn only by surfers but they are becoming a staple in many families arsenal of UV protection.

Cheaper, easier to use and longer lasting than any sunscreen, they’re perfect for the entire family and are especially great for kids who hate sitting still for their sunscreen application or getting out of the water for their re-application.

More recently and with the popularity of MMA and grappling, rashguards are now worn for skin protection in almost all forms of martial arts.

So… now you know a rash guard is not something weird or disgusting but something helpful and protective that you and your family may actually want to use. 🙂